Be Nourished

Eat Healthy

Fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy make up the five food groups that provide essential nutrients to support growth, give us energy and good health.

It is important to eat a variety from all five food groups every day. Make every bite count. More

In the Kitchen

Two people sharing a meal.Cooking at home is a great way to make sure you are eating healthy and saving money.

Eating seasonally also helps save money. When we eat seasonally, we can focus on locally grown fruits and vegetables that are picked at peak ripeness which means they are also better tasting, full of flavor and support local farmers.

When you buy fresh produce out of season, it is harvested early so it can be shipped to your local grocery stores and markets, which means it is less flavorful and the shipping costs get passed on to you, the consumer.

Head over to our recipe resources for our favorite seasonal recipes and recipe websites. Happy Cooking!

Aging Well

woman cutting peppersOur dietary needs change as we age. HelpGuide.org offers nutrition tips and resources to help older adults live longer and stronger.  If you are a Michigan resident and age 60+, you may qualify for home-delivered meals.

To see if you qualify, sign up here. If you are eligible, your regional agency or volunteer will contact you to have meals delivered. Meals can be fresh, frozen or shelf stable (non-perishable) and may accommodate special diets.

Michigan Farmers Markets

Our state is home to farms and orchards filled with good food that can help you bring the seasonal bounty to your table. Use this Find a Farmers Market tool to find a market near you.

During market season, Farmers Market Food Navigators are available to help you maximize your food dollars while purchasing fresh, healthy food for your family. They give personalized market tours, introduce you to the farmers that grow your food, explain the food assistance programs available at the market and provide food tastings, recipe ideas, and strategies to help families eat more seasonal Michigan produce.

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