• Compare unit prices on similar items to find the best price. Learn more about unit price here (links to new window).
  • Consider buying store brands. They usually taste the same and cost less.
  • Buy in bulk when possible, because larger quantities of items usually cost less per unit. But keep in mind you’re only saving money if you can use it all before it goes bad, so buy the amount that works for your family. Yogurt and oatmeal are great examples of items that are easy to buy in larger bulk containers.
  • In-season fruits and vegetables are typically less expensive and taste better
  • Buying beverages puts a serious dent in your food budget. Avoid buying bottled water, but If you have to, go for gallon sized or larger to save money.
  • Skip sugar sweetened beverages, they have very little nutritional value. Bottled coffee and tea can be high in sugar. Try brewing your own at home.
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