Eating less sugar, saturated fat, and sodium

What are some ways I can reduce my sugar intake?

The best way to reduce added sugar intake is by limiting foods and beverages high in added sugars by eating them less often, having smaller portions, or choosing lower sugar options.

You can now find added sugars listed on Nutrition Facts labels on packaged foods and drinks. When choosing foods or drinks with Nutrition Facts labels, look for those that are 5% daily value (DV) or less, which means that food or drink is a low source of added sugars. Visit https://www.fda.gov/food/new-nutrition-facts-label/added-sugars-new-nutrition-facts-label for more information.

The biggest culprits to limit include desserts or baked goods, processed sweet snack foods, sugar-sweetened beverages (pop/soda, fruit drinks, and sweetened coffees or teas), and candy.

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