Food Justice

Understanding Food Justice

What is Food Justice?

This video produced by Twin Cities PBS  is a good primer to understand what food justice means to people experiencing food insecurity and to people working in the hunger relief system.

Our Kitchen Table

Through information, community organizing and advocacy, Our Kitchen Table (OKT) is a grass-roots, nonprofit organization serving the communities of greater Grand Rapids. They promote social justice to empower people to improve their health and environment, and the health and environment of their children. Founded in 2003 as a call to action, OKT mobilizes low income women to build capacity by utilizing a community transformation model. Learning begins with an understanding and analysis of the root causes of oppression and its manifestations in our daily lives. Elements of oppression include structural barriers, race and gender bias and disparities in wealth and power.

The OKT Food Justice Series is filled with resources and downloadable documents on variety of food justice topics such as climate change, animal rights, bran equity, public health, water justice, oral health, farmers markets, food policy, and the politics of food.

Take a moment to watch the OKT Food Justice Program video below produced by the WK Kellogg Foundation.

Food Tank

The team at Food Tank bridge domestic and global food issues by highlighting how hunger, obesity, climate change, unemployment, and other problems can be solved by more research and investment in sustainable agriculture.

Launched by Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation, the first annual Good Food Org Guide identifies and celebrates more than five hundred United States-based groups who are cultivating a better food system.

Take a moment to watch Food Tank Founder Danielle Nierenberg’s  Cultivating Equality in the Food System presentation at TEDx Manhattan.

Food Justice | The Laura Flanders Show

Food justice is the notion that everyone should have access to healthful food as well as the opportunity to grow, market and serve it. It’s also the idea behind a rising movement in the US, looking at how federal state and local policies have, or have not served everyone’s food needs. In this episode, Laura Flanders talks with farmers, workers, organizers, and seed keepers who seldom get much attention from the mass media. And then she goes to Soul Fire Farm near Albany, New York, and visits with Leah Penniman, author of a groundbreaking book Farming While Black, what Penniman calls a “love song for the earth and her peoples”.

This video offers insight into political and social themes around food justice.

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